We use only top quality items of 100% cotton and carry a huge variety of items from socks and underwear to dresses and sweatshirts.

Top of the line dyes are used, procion, and customers tell us that the colors last washing after washing. Some shirts have seen years of ware and washings! Nothing better then testing your product yourself! I recommend that the first 2 or 3 times that you wash the item you purchase that you do it with a load of laundry that will be removed upon completion of the cycle. The only time my tie dyes will transfer color (in all the years I have been doing them) is when they lay wet against wet. As long as they are removed as soon as the wash is done there should be no problems. The majority of my business is repeat so I know that what I say is understood and above all, it works!

Everything is rinsed and dried in commercial dryers. In other words, it's all preshrunk for you. I almost always recommend washing before wearing but many a shirt has gone on right in the booth and walked right out the front, proud to be worn!

I enjoy doing custom orders. That way you get what you want and there is always the possibility that you want to be "original" and not have the same as anyone else can get.

I have made tie dyes for family reunions, wedding parties, schools, bowling teams, sports teams, fund raisers, pretty much you name it. I have even done a whole marching band, that was a real kick to see! Screen printing and artwork are available.

The wholesale end of the business has been fun to diversify. I am working with screen printers and customizing orders for them to screen print for their customers.

Well, on with the looking and thanks for visiting with me. The site will be growing and changing from time to time so make sure you tell your friends and keep checking it out!

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