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I always say that it's not rocket science, it's tie dye! The colors are as close to the samples shown as I can achieve. If you are looking for exact, wait until you see me in person. If you want as close as possible, feel free to order now! There are many variables involved and not all are completely controllable. After 20+ years of tie dyeing I still am occasionally surprised! If you choose to create your own combination you are to know there's no turning back. The finished product will be yours. Also the colors are different on different fabrics. Rayon, cotton, bamboo all dye differently. Also the true color reflected on your computer is only as true as your color capability. So with that know your order is just as important to us as anyone else's. We will do our best to achieve the colors and items you choose at the very best quality we can.

Designs and colors are of your own discretion...You are creating your own look and I am the builder of your creation! If I think that you might want to reconsider your choice, then I will let you know by e-mail (

Many items are 100% Cotton and 100% Rayon. A few items, like hoodies, have a small percentage of polyester.
Some items have Lycra content. We focus on quality!


Throughout the site all items are displayed in many different color variations and designs.

I do

SPIRAL...circular swirl with colors spreading out from the middle

SCRUNCH...this looks like a cloudy shaped design with colors intermingling

SINGLE something that I just started doing this year that has a single spiral with alot of the shirt remaining white. I has a really neat effect. It's clean and some people like the way it looks with more white in the design.

These are the designs that I will offer to start out with and if you have ideas tell me about them and maybe we can work something out...I'm always ready to learn and listen to new ideas.


There are so many colors to choose from that I have decided to list them all and then you can mix and match and I will also list the favorites that are best sellers and my favorites...

  • GOLD
  • AQUA
  • SAGE
  • NAVY
  • GRAY
Anyone of these single colors has lighter versions of the bright color. I take pride in the colors that I use as that is one of the things I get complimented on the most. The shades that I choose and "eye" I have for color.


RAINBOW...a color that is most popular that includes all the colors (6) fuschia, orange, yellow, aqua, blue, and purple and when these colors come together they mix to make a unique color and is what tie dye is all about, the uniqueness of the combining of the colors, and how it makes you feel. 100% cotton clothing and it durability and comfort is just a bonus!

PASTEL...the rainbow but the lighter versions of the same colors.

AQUA/BLUE/PURPLE...these three colors have been the bigget hit next to rainbow. They are the cooler colors and go great with denim and aren't as bold as some might like but then that is what makes the world go around!

FUSCHIA/ORANGE/YELLOW...just the opposite of above these will get you noticed! The hot colors in this are cool in scrunched and, I think, just awsume in spiral...

ORANGE/YELLOW...the women tell me they get more compliments from men when wearing this combination and they are blown away. I don't understand just passing along the info!

2 TONE BLUE/NAVY...this has become one of the standards in the last 2 years. It is just beautiful and "classy" in so many of the different styles. As far as dresses go I can't keep this peticular color in stock in dresses.

RED/WHITE/BLUE...In the world we live in this shirts represents different things for everyone. I know that I have sold whole families shirts in this design and schools and organizations. The colors say it all in a different and cool way.

ANY COLOR 2-TONE SPIRAL OR SCRUNCH...Great one for sports teams and if you want to "represent" anything. Or even if it's just your favorite color!

Safely Worn Items

Once an item is dyed with Fiber reactive dye, and properly washed to get out all of the excess dye, the dye that is left has become chemically part of the fiber molecule through a chemical reaction facilitated by the Soda Ash fixative. It cannot therefore rub off on you. Babies can safely chew on garments dyed with Procion, and it is even used on cotton diapers. Again, the key is, it has to be thoroughly rinsed and washed after the dyeing process is over. It only comes out in the presence of bleach, which undoes the chemical bond. All other dyes, including "natural dyes", just stain or sit on fabric, and come off over time, both in the wash each time, and on you or your baby.

Tie Dye Colors

1 - Blue



4 - Blue & Black

5 - Watermellon

6 - Green & Blue

7 - White & Grey




11 - Camo

12 - Pink

13 - Purple & Black

14 - Watermellon

15 - Purple

16 - PurpleĀ 

17 - Red & Black

18 - Orange/Navy Spiral

19 - Fuschia 2 Tone SpiralĀ 

20 - Black/Gray Spiral

navy/blue scrunch

rainbow/black spiral





fuschia scrunch




rainbow scrunch




turquoise bt green



turquoise bt green

Tie Dye Styles/Patterns

A - Shoulder Swirl

B - Pocket Swirl

C - Scrunch

D - Side Swirl

E - Center Swirl

So there you have it...that should be enough to keep you happily planning your next tie dye. ENJOY! Let me know if you have any questions.

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