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Custom order policy for The Tie Dye Place
All custom orders are welcome. I work on a cash payment basis for wholesale work. There is a 50% down requirement on all orders as I pay for all my product when I order, to fill your order. You place the order and at that time I am to recieve 50% of the total. With some of the larger orders a contract can be made up that allows both of us the freedom to know we are in an understanding working relationship. There are many factors involved in some of the larger orders. After the product is finished, shipping is determined. The product can be delivered by myself personally and then payment will be due for the rest of the product and possibly a delivery fee depending on distance. The only other time that there would be an exception is if the quanity is too small to hand deliver or distance too great, and then shipping at the customers expense would be set and pre-payment would occur. My investment in time and fabric consitutes the 50% down and then after my work is done and the product delivered, as I have been trusted to do the work previously submitted by the sample, you are in turn trusted to follow through with the remainder of the payment. When in the case of fabric orders, the fabric is cut to the length it is ordered. You will have some shrinkage but it is considered the length cut prior to dying and drying. As the fact that I am charged by the yard for it prior to shrinkage so is the customer. I can give you measurements on the fabric after dying if you so need it. That would be the finished length to you. Most fabric is only shrinking slightly but your project might need to have more yardage to achieve the result you want. Understand that all fabric is treated prior to dying and then the dye is treated to achieve the quality that will last washing after washing.

The best quality dyes are used as in all my work. The fact that you are ordering a custom dyed product you need to take into consideration the fact that it is exactly that, HAND DYED. There will be slightly different patterns in a large quanity of fabric and shirts. They will all be done the same but you are working with HAND MADE product. NOT MASS PRODUCTION. Most people are understanding and appreciate that they are getting a unique and original product. Others want exactly the same as in something that is done in a mass produced shop and that just isn't how I work. I am an artist that takes great pride in my work and will work well only with those that understand and appreciate that fact. I can give you prices to anything you want to try, and samples at a fee we can agree on. Digital photos via e-mail are also available. If I don't believe that I can accomidate you and your project I will tell you so. I reserve the right not to work on certain projects. You can contact me by e-mail or by phone and we can discuss your ideas and the project you are working on. Let's get started!

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